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  • Welcome to  the
    Dominican Laity
    St. Andrew's Chapter in Riverside, California.

    We are a group of dedicated lay people living a Christian life by following the example of St. Dominic.  We dedicate ourselves to the Lord Jesus Christ by through the assistance of Dominican Spirituality which is based on PRAYER, COMMUNITY LIFE, STUDY and APOSTOLATE.  This is the same path taken by many saints, blesseds, and holy men and women over the history of the Dominican Order.

    Learn more about our founder, St. Dominic , by clicking on the image below.

    St. Dominic de Guzman

    Our purpose is to PRAISE to BLESS & to PREACH


    Advent? What is it all about? 
    The word Advent derives from the Latin word meaning coming. The Lord is coming. During the Advent season, visit our Advent page for daily reflections.

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