The Dominican Order

The Order of Preachers was founded by St. Dominic de Guzman. He was a Spanish canon (priest) in Osma until he heard God’s call to a quite different ministry. St. Dominic conceived the idea of a band of itinerant preachers fired by a zeal for the truth. He received papal approval in 1206 and the order was formally established by the Pope in 1216. It is now a worldwide family of men and women…READ MORE…

The Dominican Laity

In the Middle Ages there was a lay-reform movement fired by zeal to return to the Gospel. Many of these lay penitent groups were drifting into heresy. 

Munio de Zamora, Master General of the Dominicans at that time, decided that an organization of some sort had to be devised for these people.  So in 1285, he published a “Rule for Penitents of St. Dominic.”…READ MORE…

Lay Dominicans in Riverside

In 1977  a small group of lay persons from St. Andrews Newman Community (University of California, Riverside / Riverside Community College) began to meet under thetutelage of Fr. Albert Felice-Pace, O.P. in order to form a chapter of the Dominican Laity in Riverside, California. Over the years membership has grown with people joining from throughout the San Bernardino diocese and…READ MORE…


Our purpose is to PRAISE to BLESS to PREACH

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